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What We Can Do For You

Our Lighting Designers are skilled and have a vast knowledge base to assist building and design professionals as well as homeowners looking to revamp a space.


  • Assist with budgeting goals

  • Coordinate with all groups involved to ensure lighting plan is completed as desired without the homeowner being the “middleman”

  • Coordinate design selections with decorative lighting

  • Educate on aspects of layered lighting, task lighting and lighting advancements for the home


  • Focus on actual electrical layout and electrical selections

  • Design switching diagrams

  • Offer whole house control systems

  • Highlight key design elements of the structure

  • Educate on advanced technologies







Interior Designers

  • Coordinate lighting techniques to enhance interior design plans

  • Work with kelvin temperatures and light levels to achieve the visual display desired

  • Specifications based on scale and proportion

  • Offer the latest in LED technology


  • Coordinate our lighting design with the Interior Designer, Homeowner and Electrical Contractor

  • Enhance the impact of form with function

Our proven design process addresses all aspects of your lighting plans. Look around, see the latest in lighting products, and get a feel for your personal lighting style. Our qualified designers transform your ideas into a visual lighting layout according to your style and specifications. We work as a team with everyone involved in your project to ensure that your plan produces results as you envision them. Choose from the largest selection of lighting products in Northern New England.

On-site consultations are available by appointment. All consultations include:


  • NKBA

  • Affiliated Distributors

  • American Lighting Association

Project Management Team


The Rockingham Electric Project Management Team is ready to assist you from the beginning to the end with competitive quotations, order submittals, layouts and  innovative designs, up to date delivery information and on-going support. With over 100 years of experience in both switchgear and lighting, they are consistently keeping up with new innovations in the electrical field.


Email projects@rockingham.com to reach any of our team members at any stage in your project.